I like rabbits and squirrels, but.............

April 13, 2011

Some kind of little furry snaped the fresh growth off of some of the crocuses.   Tough as the crocuses are, they bloomed anyway, but as you can see in the foreground, some of the flowers don't have tops!  (You can see the damage in the three flowers at the front left side of the photo.)

I have sprinkled some blood meal around all my spring bulbs now.  That's the only remedy I know of, that seems to work.  I have to replenish if often, especially after it rains.

If any gardeners out there who read this know of any other tricks to get the critters away, I'd love to hear it! 


  1. I'm sorry they spoiled some of those lovely crocus's - I have heard of people putting a little Cayne Pepper on the garden to give pests some grief.

  2. Funniest thing happened . . . verification word was hotal

  3. The rabbits ate the tops of my tulip foliage.... the vermin !!! I will have to try your remedy.

  4. Love these photos! It's so refreshing. It WAS really warm here, like plus 5/plus 9 for about 5 days, but now we're in the middle of a stinky cold snap. I am not happy to go from dresses and spring jackets back to jeans and wool. At least most of the snow melted during the warm weather, but there is no sign of greenness. So keep the purty flower info coming!

  5. My verification word was "swelter". Hmm.

  6. Hi
    I garden on a rocky patch in Haliburton County. Bone meal attracts bears and other undesirables so I can't use it. I have used human hair but it is hard to find enough. I cover the gardens with chicken wire for the winter but have to remove it come spring. Mostly I just share with nature - and grumble. Good luck


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